Writers we read…

Great books to add to your library…

Pieces Like Pottery by Dan Buri

His latest book of great advice for writers is now available in paperback and digital editions on Amazon 40 Tips on Creative Writing

Greetings From Sunny Aluna by Eric Lahti

His fantastic three-book series on unforgettable bad guys… The Henchmen Series

Rajani Chronicles   by Brian S. Converse

His book of incredible poetry… The Island of Despair

Bad Pennies by John F. Leonard

 His latest terrifying tale of darkness, the first volume of the Scaeth Mythos


Words to inspire your writing…

K.E. Garvey

Fragments of Riversong

David Collins

Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Dan Buri Nothinganygood

Morgan Wright(and her forthcoming book The Company of Wretches)

Brian Converse

Karen Cerio

Eric Lahti Livin’ The Henchlife

Two Winters Woods

Lynette Ferreira

Cheyenne Bramwell


Daniel Nathan

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