Calendar For Writers 2019-2020

Calendar begins with October 2018!

…no need to wait ’til January to use it!

Bestseller in USA, Germany, Canada, the UK, and Spain!


An early previewer said, “This will be the Notebook all writers will want.”

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Preview pages from the proof are just below….

252 pages, black-and-white

8x10in (A4)

glossy paperback (to withstand those coffee & tea stains!)

30+ beautifully detailed illustrations to color

27 months of calendars (USA, UK, & Ireland holidays denoted)…Oct 2018-Dec 2020

quotes, motivating articles & resources for writers (especially those of us on Twitter!)

dozens of narrow-lined pages for your notes & plans…



full-page calendars for October, November, December

  • “Tips on Writing Daily” by Morgan Wright
  • Renata, the ultimate writer on Twitter…


full-page calendars for January – December

  • “Best advice? Stay inspired” by Lynette Ferreira
  • “Twitter for Writers” by Kurt Seapoint
  • “Tactics and Strategies in the Martial Arts…and Writing” by Eric Lahti


full-page calendars for January – December

  • “Juggling Multiple Writing Projects… Is it Possible?” by Morgan Wright
  • “Becoming A Poet” by Brian Converse & Poems from The Island of Despair
  • “Fragments…” by Farah Ghuznavi
  • “Two Winters Woods” by Rich Winters & Excerpts from Sawhorse
  • “Managing Social Media” by Lynette Ferreira

Eclectic Arts expanded section…

  • Illustrations to color
  • What it Takes to Write a Book: The Major Stages” by Morgan Wright
  • Planning Pages for 2018-2021

…& much more, you have to see it to believe it…

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Rich Winters


Fragments of Riversong

Kurt Seapoint

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Preview pages from our proof…..[Copyrighted]

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